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Questions or Concerns? We Can Help!

Family Physicians Group strives to provide patients with a unique healthcare experience. When you visit one of our 25 doctor’s offices, FPG wants you to receive high-quality medical care and exceptional service. Our number one priority is to ensure that you are well taken care off and for this reason, FPG has established a dedicated Customer Service Department for you. Read More

Be Heart Smart. Get Your Heart Screened.

Heart disease (a catchall term including heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases) is the number one killer in the United States, killing hundreds of thousands of us every year. Many Americans have gone their entire lives without knowing their risk of heart disease and without changing their behavior to manage it. Family Physicians Group, and really the entire medical community, would like to change that. Read More

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"We have been very happy and think this is the best medical organization we have used in the state of Florida." Ronald Horowitz

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