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Aspirin for Curbing Heart Disease

Aspirin is an over the counter medicine, but the label does not give you directions or proper dosage on how to lower the risk of heart attacks and clot-related strokes. How do you choose whether or not a daily, preventive dose of aspirin is correct for you? And if it is, how do you lower the risk of side effects?


The risks and benefits of Aspirin:

Because every individual is different, you really should seek the medical advice from your primary care physicians to help you choose the correct brand and dosage for your condition.

The Risks:

  • Stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding have been attributed with regular aspirin use.
  • Aspirin can increase the risk of bleeding in the brain during a stroke.
  • It can cause some forms of Kidney Failure.

The Benefits:

  • Aspirin can significantly reduce heart damage during a heart attack and can prevent the occurrence of future heart problems.
  • Aspirin can decrease the risk of stroke by reducing blood clots.
  • Aspirin increases blood flow to the heart and brain for individuals with poor circulation.

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