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Bingo improves senior’s mental, physical and social health

If you are one of the loyal, possibly addicted bingo players who visit your favorite FPG seniors club or play online regularly, we have some great news for you! Scientific studies are revealing that playing bingo can have some not-so-obvious benefits.

Winning is a great joy, but most seniors don’t only play to win. They actually enjoy the excitement and social atmosphere! Recent research has shown that playing bingo stimulates the following health benefits:
  • Cognitive strength: University of Southampton’s psychology department, conducted tests that measured mental speed, memory and capacity to absorb specific kinds of information. The results concluded that bingo players are quicker and more accurate than non-bingo players. Research also found that older players outperformed younger players, so if you think our brains go into a steady decline as we age, think again.
  • Social well-being: Bingo gives seniors a fun and safe environment to connect with new and old friends while enjoying a game they all love to play. It brings seniors together while providing them a sense of belonging in the community.
  • Physical health: If you have ever attended a bingo event at one of our seniors clubs you may have experienced the laughter and excitement. Simply relaxing while playing a game with friends helps reduce stress and depression amongst seniors improving their physical health.

Bingo for Senior’s to Meet Friends and Socialize

With seven locations in the Orlando area and Central Florida, our Seniors Clubs offer a variety of fun activities and educational events to help keep members active both mentally and physically:  We encourage feedback. Please comment below, or leave us a message on Facebook and Twitter.
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