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Bone Density Scans

Modern health screening technology can detect bone loss in the early stages when you are unable to feel it. When bones lose density; they become weaker and more likely to break.

The body makes new bone and loses old bone throughout your lifetime, but as we age bone growth slows down. We can start to lose old bone faster than the new bone grows to replace it. This process is known as Osteoporosis, a gradual disease of extreme bone loss with diminished bone density.

Did you know that Medicare Part B covers the cost of a DEXA scan to screen for bone density?  Based on the recommendations of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force the following risk factors are covered:

  • Women 65 and older
  • Women under 65 (post menopause) that show numerous risk factors
  • Menopause (exception: hormone replacement therapy)
  • Irregular spine x-rays which indicate osteoporosis, osteopenia or vertebral fractures.
  • Oral steroid use over a long period such as prednisone
  • An overactive parathyroid gland also known as hyperparathyroidism

Five reasons why you should get a bone density test:

  1. Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease in the US.
  2. Early symptoms are very difficult to identify without a bone density test
  3. Do not wait until a fracture occurs before you find out that you have the disease.
  4. Bone loss can lead to disabilities, chronic pain, depression and a loss of independence.
  5. If identified early, boneless can be reversed naturally

Healthy Aging Means Prevention

Preventive health care matters in living a longer, healthy life, so it's wise to take advantage of these preventive screenings and services. For more information call 1.866.999.3741 or schedule your appointment with FPG, today. We encourage your feedback, please comment below, or you can chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.
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