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Do You Love Your Doctor?

How much do you appreciate your doctor? Personally, the staff here at Family Physicians Group loves our doctors. Of course, that is likely because we are well-acquainted, or in some cases related to the doctors here. We also know the sacrifices our doctors have made and the interest they have in our wellbeing.

One doesn't become a doctor overnight. Your doctor usually sacrifices his or her youth in pursuit of a medical doctorate. In general, doctors must complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, followed by 4 years in medical school and finally, 3-7 years of residency training. What's more, the role of a doctor is not a "9 to 5" job. There are long hours and weekend shifts. There are many sleepless nights for your physician, as well. Many emergencies arise in the middle of the night and your primary care physician will be called upon at that time. But they do it, because your care is important and your doctor's involvement and knowledge of your case is important to your care.

Your doctor cares about you and your overall wellbeing. Long after you've left the office or hospital, that doctor is still considering your case and how to improve your health. That's why we love our FPG doctors.

Show Your FPG Doctor Your Appreciation

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My Primary Care Physician is Dr. Katherine Francis in The Villages. She is the best Personal Physician I have ever had. She has called me on a Saturday to verify my chart and on a Sunday to tell me of a medication. She is easy to understand and is a truly caring Doctor. I trust what she says and am glad I was fortunate enough to "draw" her. My wife is also one of her patients and feels the same.

Posted by Don Fulmer – [Monday, December 8, 2014] at [10:30 PM]

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