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FPG Provides America's Most Valuable Care

Family Physicians Group with Founder and President of Clinical Affairs, Dr. Nayana Vyas, were chosen by the Peterson Center on Healthcare as a provider of America's Most Valuable Care. This incredible honor is explained in the video below, created by the Peterson Center on Healthcare:

The Peterson Center on Healthcare states:
We know there is excellence in the U.S. healthcare system, as some physicians and hospitals are delivering higher quality care at a lower cost. We have partnered with Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) to find these high-performance providers, understand what is working, and validate their results.

Under a grant from the Center, CERC reviewed national quality and cost data, and has identified 11 primary care practices that are delivering exceptional value – higher quality at significantly less cost – to their patients. These providers of Most Valuable Care (MVPs) have defined a path toward better, more affordable healthcare. They have key features in common, which can serve as a blueprint for others to achieve high performance.

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