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FPG is a Top Practice in the United States

Recently, Family Physicians Group was honored to be named by the Peterson Center on Healthcare as one of the top practices in the entire country. The Washington D.C. organization consisting of many of the nation’s top health care and business leaders, analyzed data from 15,000 doctor’s offices across the United States and found Family Physicians Group to be one of the 11 best.

Family Physicians Group has prided itself on providing comprehensive care for our patients, which we believe is the key to quality health care at a lower cost. It’s been a part of Family Physicians Group since we started in 1987 and continues today.

What does that mean for you? The Peterson Center on Healthcare found 10 qualities that each of the named practices, including Family Physicians Group, showcased. They are:

  1. The practices are always on
    Patients have a sense that the practice is ‘always on call,’ and they can reach the care team quickly, whether the practice is open or closed.

  2. Physicians adhere to quality guidelines and choose tests and treatments wisely
    Care teams have systems to ensure patients receive evidence-based care and physicians are mindful of benefits, risks and patient preferences when ordering tests and treatments.

  3. They treat patient complaints as gold.
    Practices actively solicit patient feedback, good and bad, to improve the patient experience.

  4. They in-source, rather than out-source, some needed tests and procedures
    Care teams do as many tests and procedures—as can be done safely—in-house, often with guidance from specialists.

  5. They stay close to their patients, even when referring them to specialists
    Physicians refer to a select group of specialists they trust to act in their patients’ interests and stay in close communication as care decisions are made.

  6. They close the loop with patients
    Practices actively follow up to ensure that patients are seen rapidly after hospitalizations, adhere to medications, and see specialists when needed.

  7. They maximize the abilities of staff members
    Support is provided to physicians by a range of staff who are encouraged to perform at the ‘top of their license.’

  8. They work in ‘hived’ workstations
    Open, ‘bullpen-style’ environments facilitate physician supervision and communication across clinical teams.

  9. They balance compensation
    Physicians are not paid solely on volume of services or revenue they individually produce.

  10. They invest in people
    Investment in staff is prioritized over space, equipment and technology.

To learn more about this honor you can read the articles from the Orlando Business Journal and the Orlando Sentinel, or watch this video (below) produced by the Peterson Center on Healthcare.

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