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Glucose-Sensing Contact Lenses

The idea of using contact lenses for diabetic monitoring has been around for years, but now Google is developing and testing the lenses to help individuals with diabetes to monitor and control blood sugar levels.

Google is not just a search engine they are the most innovative company in the world and the prototype lenses are embedded with a micro electronic sensor that can track glucose levels in tears. The device will track the levels and data will be transmitted wirelessly to a receiver.

Daily activities including exercise and diet can trigger an instant change in glucose levels and this becomes a part time job for individuals to monitor and control. Glucose-sensing contact lenses will detect and monitor glucose levels by detecting the levels in an individuals tears. No longer will you need to worry about your levels or go through the discomfort of pricking your finger to test your blood sugar.

The lenses have been developed over the past 18 months in the Google X lab the same lab that developed the driver-less car along with Google’s web browsing glasses. Although this new technology is in the early stages of development Google X has been secretly meeting with the FDA and now has made this project public.

Prototypes are currently being tested and are showing promising results, Google says it will take five years before these devices reach the consumer market. It is the hope of Google X that this technology will lead to a new innovated way of improving your eyesight while also monitoring glucose levels easily and effortlessly for diabetics.

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