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Good Foot Health to Prevent Falls

One in three seniors aged 65 and older will fall this year; however, research has shown that proper foot health is an effective strategy to prevent falls amongst seniors. Research conducted at University health sciences clinic in Melbourne, Australia found 36% fewer falls in seniors who received podiatry treatment for minor foot problems.

Foot pain, toe weakness and limited range of motion have all been attributed to increasing the risks of falls amongst seniors. The podiatrist can substantially reduce these risks factors by properly diagnosing and treating these common foot symptoms.  

If you are experiencing foot pain or have any discomfort, it is recommended to contact your primary care physician right away. When you’re dealing with a foot or leg problem that has proven to be too difficult for your primary care physician to handle, seek out a podiatrist. Family Physicians Group supports your active lifestyle with excellent podiatrist care.

Podiatrist Care for Fit and Active Lives

We employ a full-time podiatrist for our offices in and around Orlando, Florida, giving you access to essential foot care that helps you maintain your activity, mobility and independence. If you’re struggling with your foot and ankle health, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist today.

Now is the perfect time to start paying attention to your feet. Join us for a health talk, titled: Happy Feet for a Healthy Life.
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