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How does health care reform affect Medicare?

If you are over 65, the health care reform act will have a minimal affect on you as it was designed for people who do not have coverage. Anyone over 65 years old is guaranteed health insurance coverage through the Medicare program.

Over an extended period of time, Medicare will change to be more centered on a comprehensive care system, but you will not have to buy your health care through one of the exchange. You will continue to choose health insurance during the traditional open enrollment period, as you have always done.

However, there may be a change to your benefits and there may be a change to your doctor. This could happen anytime, but may happen more this year. It is critical to examine any change in benefit notices that are mailed to you and it is critical to shop this year to make sure you are getting the benefits you need at the best price.

Open enrollment starts October 15 and ends December 7th. Be informed because your health depends on it.

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