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Is Your Diet Giving You Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the country today, killing over 4,000 Americans every month. That figure far out-paces all other nations. But why is the United States uniquely susceptible to colon cancer deaths? Well, it's because of our diets.

They say "everything in moderation," but the truth is, even the smallest consumption of high in fat red meats and processed meats leads to a greater risk of developing colorectal cancer ... And the United States consumes a lot of these meats. 2-3 ounces of beef, lamb or pork a day could mean anywhere from a 30 to 50 percent higher risk.

To lead a healthier life it is essential to limit red and processed meats in your diet and increase the following:

  • Citrus - Citrus is an excellent source of cancer-fighting folic acid
  • Dark leafy vegetables - The darker, the better. These vegetables pack in folic acid and healthy vitamins like vitamin D
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt - The "D" in vitamin D could very well stand for dairy, as all dairy products are an excellent source of this cancer clobbering substance
  • Salmon - "Fatty" fish like salmon are also a great source of vitamin D
  • Whole grain cereals and breads - fiber-rich foods like some cereal and bread can help to keep your digestive tract and colon waste-free
  • Prunes, berries and other fresh fruits - Many fruits, especially prunes are also excellent sources for fiber
  • Tomatoes, carrots, peppers and soy beans - These foods and more contain the recently discovered substances known as phytochemicals, which are also helpful against cancer
For more information, join us at the FPG Seniors Clubs for FPG Health Talks on Colorectal Cancer.

Go the Extra Mile to Prevent Colon Cancer

With your new diets figured out, we invite you to join us at the FPG Seniors Clubs for weekly exercise sessions to help keep cancer at bay. The American Cancer Society recommends physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Check out the events page or swing by an FPG Seniors Club location and grab a calendar of events for more details. Just don't miss it!

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Where is the FPG Senior Club in Poinciana? The colon cancer info in this e-mail was very helpful. Thank you.

Posted by Carole Licata – [Thursday, March 26, 2015] at [1:07 PM]

I'd like to know where the FPG Senior Club meets also. Thanks, Joline

Posted by Joline – [Thursday, March 26, 2015] at [10:22 PM]

Dr Mohandas is very thorough and kind. She always has time to answer questions and make suggestions. When I was going through a very tough time medically she helped me and even gave me a hug. That meant a lot at the time, and still does.

Posted by Kathy Kirby – [Friday, March 27, 2015] at [3:36 PM]

We have three Seniors Clubs at this time in Buena Venture Lakes, on Semoran Boulevard in Orlando and on Clarcona Ocoee Road in Orlando. Go to this link to find the addresses:

Posted by Family Physicians Group – [Friday, March 27, 2015] at [3:39 PM]

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