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Medicare now includes wellness visits. What does that mean for you?

Traditionally, our health care system has been one where doctors fix health problems. For instance, when you are sick, you go to the doctor for medicine. When you break a bone, you go to the hospital for a cast.

With health care reform, the emphasis is changing to create healthy people with fewer health issues to fix. One of the primary ways health care reform is changing is by covering annual wellness visits with your Medicare coverage.

A wellness visit is not a physical. Instead, it is an opportunity for a patient and doctor to spend an appropriate amount of time discussing a patient's health care goals and developing a plan which reduces disease and serious accidents. The wellness plan can include proper diet, acceptable levels of exercise and elimination of bad habits.

With patients and doctors focusing on wellness, the need to fix health problems diminishes and you will lead a healthy and more fulfilling life. Start your new year with a wellness visit and develop your personal wellness plan.

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