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National Grandparents Day

The Sunday after Labor Day is recognized as Grandparents Day, where we honor our grandparents. The holiday was created in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter with a proclamation that read:

Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. Whether they are our own or surrogate grandparents who fill some of the gaps in our mobile society, our senior generation also provides our society a link to our national heritage and traditions.

We all know grandparents whose values transcend passing fads and pressures, and who possess the wisdom of distilled pain and joy. Because they are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young without having to take daily responsibility for them, they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between generations.

It took nine years for Marian McQuade of West Virginia to get Grandparents Day on the calendar. Of course, she was a grandmother herself, with 43 grandchildren! Here's the story of Mrs. McQuade, according to the

Mrs. McQuade has modestly referred to herself as "just a housewife," but her unending work to establish and publicize the holiday marks her as a true community leader. She spent much of her life advocating for older adults. In 1971 she was elected Vice-Chair of the West Virginia Committee on Aging and appointed as a delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. In 1972, Mrs. McQuade's efforts resulted in President Richard Nixon proclaiming a National Shut-in Day. She served as President of the Vocational Rehabilitation Foundation, Vice-President of the West Virginia Health Systems Agency, and was appointed to the Nursing Home Licensing Board, among many other involvements.

Mrs. McQuade started her campaign for a day to honor grandparents in 1970. She worked with civic, business, church, and political leaders to first launch the day in her home state in 1973. Then, after many years, much persuasion, and unending persistence, she finally achieved her bigger goal. It was in 1979 that President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day each year as National Grandparents Day (September was chosen to signify the "autumn" years of life).


Celebrate Grandparents Day at FPG's Seniors Club!

Celebrate Grandparents Day at the FPG Seniors Club. All of our Seniors Club locations are celebrating on Friday (September 5, 2014) afternoon. Grab a calendar of events at the Seniors Club or head over to the events page for more details. There will be music, food, and door prizes. Tell us if you're participating in the comments below, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We'll see you there!

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