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PUP Members Get Special Enrollment Period

Attention Physicians United Plan members: In response to the popular insurance plan, PUP, being liquidated, Medicare is giving PUP members a special enrollment period --from now until August 31st -- to select a new Medicare Advantage Plan. Failure to select a new plan by August 31st will mean that you have to wait until the Annual Medicare Enrollment Period begins October 15th to enroll.

While technically, you have over two months before you must elect a new plan, Family Physicians Group (FPG) recommends that you choose a new plan by June 30th, if possible, to ensure a smoother transition into your new Medicare Advantage Plan. Reasons to select a new plan before June 30th include the following:

  1. You have been enrolled back into original Medicare immediately. Medicare Advantage Plans, however, offer additional perks and benefits that are not covered under original Medicare. We don’t want you to be surprised , if you do not reenroll in a new Advantage Plan and thus you lose perks and benefits you have enjoyed through the program.
  2. When you are enrolled into original Medicare, you will simultaneously be enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription plan, which also may not provide the benefits you are accustomed to with Medicare Advantage.
  3. Other network providers may be unwilling to accept your current PUP plan, so the sooner you choose a new plan the quicker you can get the care you deserve. While FPG will continue to provide for our PUP members during this period we cannot guarantee that others will.

In addition to original Medicare, FPG accepts the following Medicare Advantage plans:

If you have an insurance agent, please contact him or her to discuss one of the plans above. Otherwise, please contact our customer service department at 1.866.999.3741 so that we can assist you with any questions you may have.
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Yes, we have a insurance agent and will be meeting with him on 6/20/2014. we will let you know the plan we will be using. thank you, eugene herman.

Posted by eugene & constance herman – [Wednesday, June 18, 2014] at [6:01 PM]

What other plans are available?

Posted by raul olivares – [Thursday, June 19, 2014] at [7:38 PM]

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