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Pedometer Walk Challenge: April 21-27

The week in April, between the 21st and 27th, is National Medical Fitness Week. To celebrate, Family Physicians Group has organized the Pedometer Walk Challenge for seniors, encouraging participants to walk 21,000 steps over 7 days.

Pedometer Walk Challenge Rules!

  • Participants have to register at one of the FPG Seniors Club locations (5 locations) by April 18th
  • Participants will receive their pedometers on Monday, April 21st
  • Participants will have to bring their pedometers back 7 days later on Monday, April 28th by noon
  • Participants who fail to return their pedometer by noon on the 28th will not qualify for an award
  • Seniors Clubs coordinators will record on a form, the number of steps by each participant and the hour when the pedometer was returned
  • All participants who complete the challenge of 21,000 steps will receive a certificate of completion and those with the top three numbers of steps, will receive a medal

Join Us and Exercise at the FPG Seniors Clubs

In addition to walking and tracking your progress individually, we invite you to try our exercise programs at our seniors clubs.  To find the nearest Seniors Club, clicking here ( For more information call 1.866.999.3741 or send us a message, today.
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need the location close to Longwood to pick up the pedometer

Posted by abdul basy – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [12:34 PM]

I can't wait to try this challenge

Posted by Dorothy Boyer – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [1:15 PM]

Will be glad to take the walk.

Posted by Leroy Hohenberger – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [1:24 PM]

Where are the FPG Senior Clubs located? Thank you.

Posted by Adrienne Altomari – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [1:42 PM]

This is what we all need is group motivation to get our bodies in motion.

Posted by Melvin Brantley – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [2:53 PM]

You can find the addresses for the FPG Seniors Clubs at this link: The closest club to Longwood is probably Rosemont.

Posted by Family Physicians Group – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [3:46 PM]

I am in Clermont, where do I pick up the pedometer?

Posted by Rosalie – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [4:24 PM]

You can register to participate at the FPG Seniors Club in Clermont: 1745 E. Hwy-50, Ste B-2,Clermont, FL 34711. The phone number is 352.989.5919.

Posted by Family Physicians Group – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [4:27 PM]

Clarence and I will be glad to take part in the 21000 steps.

Posted by Sharon Reason – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [6:01 PM]

WOW! Finally a challenge I know I am great at. Lets get this walk started.

Posted by Lenora Reed Brinson – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [6:44 PM]

Where are the 5 Seniors Clubs?? I cant find that info ANYWHERE in this message/email/notice. I'd Like to Register but this nessage doesnt tell us how, or where?

Posted by G R Flynn – [Tuesday, April 8, 2014] at [8:23 PM]

For your convenience, we've added extra links within the blog post to the page where you may find the Seniors Club locations (

Posted by Family Physicians Group – [Wednesday, April 9, 2014] at [9:06 AM]

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