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Primary Care, Urgent Care or ER?

Nobody knows your health history better than your primary care doctor, so in most cases your first choice for care is your family doctor. Your primary care physician is the most cost-effective method of care, but there are situations that may arise which require other options.

PCP We recommend that you speak with your primary care physician before visiting any clinic or hospital, because your doctor can better triage you and your condition to ensure that your getting the best possible care at the right place and at the lowest cost.

Avoid the mistake of going to the wrong medical facility for your condition. Family Physician Group will help guide you to the clear answers that give you the confidence of knowing you’re getting the exact treatment and care you need. The following guide can assist you in making the right choice when it comes to your need for care.

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Primary Care Doctor:

  • Your primary care doctor should handle regular checkups, preventive care, acute illness and/or injuries. An urgent care visit could count against your deductible and actually cost you more for the same visit than had you gone to your PCP.

Urgent Care:

  • Urgent care clinics work best as an extension to your primary care doctor. In the event that your primary care doctor is unable to meet with you, the best alternative is to visit an urgent care clinic. These facilities are less costly and quicker than the emergency room.

Emergency Care:

  • Urgent care centers are not emergency care centers, so if you are afflicted with a potentially fatal injury or illness, do not go to an urgent care center. If you have an emergency, call '911' for immediate assistance.

Hassle-Free Medical Care!

You can rely on FPG to help communicate your needs to the urgent care doctor or hospital staff. Call your Family Physicians Group doctor's office before you go, so we can carefully monitor your care in the event that you must visit a hospital or urgent care clinic. We also advise you to call your insurance plan before hand, so you aren't surprised by the deductions and possible out of pocket fees.

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