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Smart Eyes-On Glasses Improves Patient Care

New innovative medical technology is improving patient care while reducing medical errors. In the United States, the federal government has taken action to develop and to enforce the use of innovative Healthcare IT solutions including Electronic Medical Record System and other secure healthcare technologies. In a previous article on our blog, we looked at Google Glass Glucose-Sensing Contact Lenses a new technology that will improve patient's eyesight while also monitoring glucose levels effortlessly.

Another smart glasses technology product is on the market that will improve patient care by locating hard to find veins under the surface of the skin. Research has shown up to 40% of the time nurses require multiple attempts to insert an IV into a patient’s vein.Epson and Evena Medical Eyes-On glasses eliminate this problem by using the multi-spectral lighting to see veins under the skin.

While this technology is still in the early stages of development it does provide a glimpse into the very near future of better-quality medical care. At FPG, our medical professionals are always seeking to improve patient care by researching and implementing new innovative healthcare technology.

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