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The Different Types of Flu

The flu can be confusing. After all, the media talks about swine flu, bird flu, H1NH1, equine flu, bat flu and others. However, there are really only three different types of the influenza virus - A, B and C - and the flu shot covers most of those, types A and B.

Type A flu is the most common and the flu that gets the most coverage in the media. It's the type of flu which can cause pandemics and is constantly changing. It is a flu that can be carried in both humans and animals. There are more than 30 different subsets of type A flu, depending on a variety of factors, including place of origin and the type of animal it starts in. Nearly every subset of the type A flu is found in birds, except for one strain that is only found in wild bats. However, nearly all of the people infected with the type A flu are infected by other humans. It is rare to get the flu from interaction with an animal.

Type B flu is only found in humans. While it still can be severe, it is usually not deadly and does not cause any sort of pandemic like a type A flu. Also, unlike type A, there are no subsets of the type B flu.

Type C flu is also only found in people. Type C flu is almost never a severe flu and also does not cause any epidemics.

Each year, the flu mutates at least a little, making a flu shot essential to be taken every flu season to combat the newer strains. The flu shot is specifically tailored for the type A flu and type B flu expected to be seen during a given season and is harmless.

Get Your Flu Shot!

It’s your health and your life, so please don’t delay or take unnecessary risk. Flu shots are available at every FPG location and covered under a Medicare plan. Don't hesitate. Schedule an appointment for your flu shot or attend one of our Flu Prevention Day events at an FPG Seniors Club near you. Check the calendar of events for details. You can comment below, or you can chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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