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The Medicare Enrollment Period Ends December 7th

Time is of the essence. With December 7 just around the corner, the annual Medicare enrollment period is almost over! In case you’re not clear, here is a quick recap of the rules for enrollment.

Medicare Part A: Open window
Seniors can enroll in Medicare Part A any time after turning 64 years and nine months old. The enrollment processes is automatic if you are already receiving social security benefits. However, if you aren't receiving social security enrolling in Medicare is simple. You can go to the social security office or we recommend filling out the online application.
There are no penalties on Medicare Part A as long as you have contributed enough to Social Security. If you do pay a monthly premium, then you may experience a penalty for signing up late.

Medicare Part B: Seven-month window
Enrollment period is anytime from three months before you become eligible for Medicare until three months after your eligibility month. That’s seven months total.

If you enroll after the initial enrollment period, premiums will be higher unless you qualify for an exception. Contact Medicare to learn about these exceptions.

Medicare Part C: Seven-month window

If you miss the enrollment window, you must wait to enroll between October 15 and December 7, unless you qualify for an exception.

Medicare Part D: Seven-month window
If you miss your enrollment window, you must wait to enroll between October 15 and December 7, unless you qualify for an exception. Enroll later and premiums could be higher.

Medigap Insurance: Six-month window
When you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part B, you have a guaranteed right to buy a Medicare supplement policy for six months. You cannot be refused if you sign up during this open enrollment period. If you miss the window, you can apply later at any time. But you may be charged a higher rate or rejected if you have a health history that makes you appear to be a higher risk.

So, if you have yet to enroll for your Medicare plan, make sure to check out your options thoroughly and get your enrollment in before Saturday, December 7, 2013! Please read our Step-by-step Medicare Enrollment Guide or call us at 1.866.999.3741 if you want us to assist you.
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