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Walking is an Anti Aging Exercise for Seniors

Walking is a valuable tool whether your age six or sixty. It is one of the best overall exercises according to many expects and study after study has shown that walking has several long term benefits including triggering anti aging responses within the body for seniors 60 years and older.

Walking is an inexpensive and convenient exercise and workouts can be done during those necessary activities throughout the day. Simply walking yourself or your dog around the block, or walking around a shopping mall is a good starting point for many seniors. It is important to know that you don’t need to walk a lot to receive the benefits. Studies have shown that only ten minutes of walking a day greatly benefits your health while reducing aging for seniors.

Brisk walking or power walking offers greater benefits to your health. Always try to increase the intensity of the workout, but always be comfortable with the increase. Walking is less likely to cause injuries than many other forms of exercise, but as the workout intensity increases, the chance of injuries increases too. An intensive brisk walking workout for seniors is around 30 minutes a day, but the benefits will go a long way to enhancing your health.

Anti Aging Benefits of Walking

  • Elevates the heart rate
  • Burns fat
  • Reduces cholesterol and stress
  • Builds and maintains bone strength
  • Decreases the risk of falling
  • Reduces the risk of several different diseases
  • Gives you an overall healthier happier sense of well being
  • When you walk in the sun your skin produces more vitamin D

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