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Wear the Right Shoes

Are your feet hurting right now? Perhaps your shoes are not doing an adequate job of protecting your feet. Wearing unsuitable, cheap or ill-fitting footwear can lead to greater wear and tear on the tissues and bones in your feet, causing irreversible damage. On the other hand, the right shoes can lead to a healthier, more active and more comfortable life.

Remember these tips for choosing the right shoes:

  • Avoid wearing high-heels when it is not necessary - Or at the very least, wear a smaller heel. High-heeled shoes put excessive pressure on the toes the front of your feet.
  • Wear the right size - You should not need to cram your feet into your shoes. In fact, wearing a shoe that is too small for your feet will cause uncomfortable foot conditions over time. Extra-wide shoes are widely available just in case you find regular shoes to be too narrow.
  • Wear the right shoe for each activity - Theres a different shoe for just about any activity, including running, cycling, bowling, baseball... It's endless. If you're going for a walk, wear a walking shoe. Walking shoes or walking-safe shoes are designed with rubber soles and soft materials to absorb the impact your feet make against the ground.
  • Wear laces when you can - Shoes with laces are particularly beneficial for older adults. Laces bind your shoes snuggly to your feet, thus reducing your chance of tripping and falling.
  • Wear the right shoe for your arch - Corrective shoes are available for people with flat and high-arched feet. Seek guidance from a podiatrist if you suspect you have an unusually flat or high arch.

Podiatrist Care for Fit and Active Lives

We employ a full-time podiatrist for our offices in and around Orlando, Florida, giving you access to essential foot care that helps you maintain your activity, mobility and independence. If you’re struggling with your foot and ankle health, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist today.

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