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What do the ratings for health insurance mean?

Starting soon, it will be easier for you to compare plans as health care reform is implementing a rating system for insurance coverage.

Each plan will be given a set of stars based on a variety of factors including customer services, patient care and health care results. It is a transparent method of showing the quality of health care you will receive from a doctor and what emphasis an insurance carrier has on providing service to you.

For instance, insurance companies and providers will be tested on customer service, such as how long someone is on hold, how long it takes to get an appointment and other variables.They are also required to post health care standards, such as hospital re admissions, disease management success and more.

Each plan will be giving one to five stars, with five being a top-rated program. Insurance plans with five stars have specifically sought out physicians who deliver quality health care.In addition, if you are in a lower rated policy, you will be able to upgrade to a top-rated system at any time, not just during open enrollment.

It puts the power of choice back to you and further shows that when making your health care decisions, you need to spend the time to find the best plans and the best doctors.

Medicare Enrollment Guidance

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