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What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home and what does that mean to you?

Today's health care is broken into many different parts. If you are sick, you visit a doctor. If you have a serious disease, you visit a specialist. If you need urgent care, you visit a hospital. If you need a prescription, you visit a pharmacy.

Rarely do these parts communicate with each other in most medical practices, increasing many risks to patients and preventing quality health care. To counteract this problem, health care reform has sought to implement new delivery systems, including the patient-centered medical home.

Since our inception, years before recent health care reform developments, Family Physicians Group has adopted, adapted and perfected the patient-centered medical home model of care, providing complete care that goes beyond treating your current condition.

Our doctors and medical specialists take a complete approach to your overall wellbeing. They improve your wellness with care that puts the wishes of you and your family first, and gives you convenient access to a variety of helpful in-house services saving you time, stress and money so you can continue living your life.

Patient-Centered Medical Home
    Preventive Medicine
    Preventive Medicine
    We promote frequent doctor visits and better health decisions to improve your overall wellness and help protect you from harmful illnesses.
    doctors and medical professionals
    Leadership & Teamwork
    A collaborative team of doctors and medical professionals improves your health by communicating effectively with you and your family.
    Access to care
    Greater Access to Care
    Services like 24-hour availability, hospital care coordination, home health care and transportation are the key for greater access to the care you need.

    Our physicians and offices are accredited and recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. We feature over 25 locations across the Orlando area and Central Florida, giving you easy access to the care you need. 
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    I am happy with my plan

    Posted by James Shilling – [Tuesday, November 19, 2013] at [7:41 PM]

    I have been a patient at fpg of Clermont for 7years and received excellent care and treatment. For me they have been like a 1stop service ctr.,as I have multiple health problems.they have provided prevented care information and testing for all of my health problems,monitor my multiple perscriptions and over the counter drugs,providig some of them.The Dr's and staff actually listen to me and provide answers to my questions and show a genuine concern for my well being.very rare quality today.

    Posted by bruce wolfe – [Tuesday, November 19, 2013] at [7:54 PM]

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