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What is a Podiatrist?

When you have a sprained ankle or top of the foot bump, your family doctor should be able to help, but if you have a more severe problem that makes it difficult for you to walk and feel comfortable, you need to seek out more advanced care. You need to find a good podiatrist.

Finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. Your family care doctor most likely has someone they can refer you to. Podiatry is a very specialized branch of medicine that focuses on the legs and feet. Most of the professionals who work in the field are well versed in non-surgical and surgical treatments, at least when it comes to feet and legs.

Podiatrists differ from orthopedic specialists. An orthopedic doctor will only be interested in your leg and foot bones, whereas a podiatrist will be able to help with skin conditions, developmental problems, and muscle issues, as well as matters of the bones and joints. It’s not unusual for a podiatrist and orthopedist to work together. In order for someone to call himself or herself a podiatrist they have to have completed medical training, and specialty training for podiatry.

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that sprang forth due to the importance that some cultures placed on the general health of the foot. The earliest knowledge of medicine focusing on lower limbs dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Care for legs and feet was so important in that culture that archeologist have even found an ornate tomb that features ancient podiatry carvings.

Great Britain’s is another culture that has placed a great deal of importance on foot and leg health care. Englishman, Lewis Durlacher, was the first to specialize in the field. Since his efforts, podiatry has grown in respect and credibility, so much so that  even you will probably meet with a podiatrist at least once or twice in your lifetime.

The most important thing to remember when meeting with a podiatrist about a problem you’ve encountered with your foot or leg will be good communication. Tell them when you first noticed the problem, what you do when it hurts, and listen to the advice you’re given.

Podiatrist typically concentrate in the following areas:

•    Caring for the feet of individuals with diabetes
•    Sports injuries
•    Reconstructive problems
•    Elderly’s feet and legs
•    Rheumatology
•    Gerontology

Best Podiatrist Care for Seniors

When you’re dealing with a foot or leg problem that has proven to be too difficult for your primary care physician to handle, seek out a podiatrist. Family Physicians Group supports your active lifestyle with the best podiatrist care available.

We employ a full-time podiatrist for our offices in and around Orlando, Florida, giving you access to essential foot care that helps you maintain your activity, mobility and independence. If you’re struggling with your foot and ankle health, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist today.

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