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What it means to Go Red

Over the past ten years, the first Friday of February has been National Wear Red Day, a day to raise awareness about heart disease in women. Heart Disease is more deadly than all forms of cancer and has been called “the silent killer” because often there are no detectable symptoms.

Educating and empowering women to take control of their lives by adopting healthier lifestyle changes is the main cause of the movement. National Wear Red Day has been a huge success in terms of awareness and prevention of heart disease in women over the past decade.

A Decade of Success!

  • 34% fewer women now die from heart disease, 330 lives saved every day.
  • 37% more women are losing weight
  • 43% more women are checking their cholesterol
  • Over 50% of women exercise more
  • 60% of women have improved their diets
  • 33% of women have developed heart health plans with their doctor.
  • 23% increase in awareness understanding that heart disease is women’s biggest health risk.
  • Multiple publications regarding gender specific results, prevention guidelines and treatments
  • The end of gender disparities through legislation

Despite these successes, heart disease is still the number one killer of women, killing nearly 1,100 a day. Family Physicians Group encourages all employees and patients to wear red this Friday, but more importantly to make the lifestyle changes necessary to live longer, healthier lives. There are three ways you can help the Go Red Movement.

  1. Wear Red on February 7, 2014 to celebrate National Wear Red Day to raise awareness for women in the fight against heart disease.
  2. Raise your voice, talk to everyone you know about the disease and encourage them to join the movement.
  3. Donate Now: Dollars raised support medical research, awareness, education and community programs.

Join Family Physicians Group in the fight against heart disease!

We support your wellness goals with nutrition and fitness programs by developing a hearth health plan that best fit your lifestyle, age and ability. To learn more about our wellness programs, preventative screenings or Seniors Clubs, contact a member of the Family Physicians Group team with your questions.
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