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Get to Know Your Primary Care Physician

When you need to see a doctor, chances are a primary care physician is the first doctor you will see. Even at the hospital level, a PCP will be there to introduce him or herself and then proceed to help diagnose the ailment that you are dealing with.

Almost every primary care physician will have experience in the family medicine field. As far as medical specialties go, family medicine encompasses a relatively broad range of medical knowledge, where the doctor tends to focus on the overall health of the patient. He or she will have a cursory understanding of the majority of medical issues that a person could face. That is not to say that these doctors are less qualified. No, in fact, all primary care physicians have completed their medical education and residency. They are very capable of reading results and handling the majority of cases that come before them.

Primary care physicians are the most common type of doctor, and that’s a very good thing. If you’re looking for some familiarity or continuing relationship with the doctors that take care of you, well, look no further than a FPG primary care physician. The majority of these doctors will keep up-to-date records and will meet with the same patients for years, making them better suited to meet those patients’ medical needs.

Primary Care Physician

If you are looking for a primary care physician or have questions then call 1.866.999.3741 or schedule an appointment with FPG, today!
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