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Welcome to Our New FPG Site!

You may have noticed that the FPG website looks a little different. Okay, it looks a lot different. We’re excited you’re here and we couldn’t be happier to launch the redesigned

We’d figured to get started with a little digital tour to explain the new features of the site.

First thing you’ll notice on our homepage is our slideshow, which is updated regularly with the most relevant FPG news and information. Located just below the slideshow is a “carousel” with our featured services.

Next the new website is designed to be a place for us to share relevant and inspirational health news and information with you via our blog, but it’s also built for you to share back with us. Social media is integrated throughout the site, so be sure to share your thoughts via Facebook and twitter. If you haven’t followed us on either of those platforms, we invite you to do so.

Another great enhancement is the overall site navigation. We made it easier for you to find locations, doctors and all the information you need with our simple menu structure and streamlined layout design. We also included a search box on the top of every page and a site map at the bottom of the homepage to narrow and simply your search.

Thank you for being part of our family and we truly hope you enjoy the new site. Again, please tell us what you think! You can comment below, or you can chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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I would like my password or how do I get in to see my records? Thanks, K

Posted by Kathryn Larson – [Wednesday, October 23, 2013] at [3:16 PM]

You can sign up at your FPG Doctor's office to get access to the patient portal at your next appointment or call us at 1.866.999.3741.

Posted by Family Physicians Group – [Wednesday, October 23, 2013] at [3:47 PM]

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