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FPG is Senior-Centered Medicine

Seniors deserve special care. That’s why FPG opened its first medical center more than 30 years ago dedicated to senior-centered health and wellness care. Read More
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Eight Things to Remember During Open Enrollment

From October 15 until December 7, you will be able to change your Medicare Advantage plan for 2019. It's a critical time for you and your family to ensure that you are receiving the absolute best coverage for your situation. Read More
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Obamacare Enrollment Fair

Get the health insuranced you need and much more at the Obamacare Enrollment Fair hosted by Congressman Alan Grayson. You must have insurance by February 15 at midnight or risk paying a penalty to the IRS! Read More
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2014 Medicare Enrollment Tips

Are you getting the best Medicare coverage you can? If you’re like most seniors, you’re spending a considerable amount of attention to the changes made to Medicare and its HMOs this time of year. Many people are satisfied with their current plan and they probably won’t change, but if you’re not completely satisfied, pay attention. Read More
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Have Questions about Medicare?

The Medicare Enrollment Period begins today, October 15th, and you would do well to remember to review your insurance policy with your agent to make sure you are receiving the absolute best plan for your situation. Read More
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You Can Still Choose FPG for Your Primary Care!

The Medicare Enrollment Period has come to a close. Medicare recipients now own the plan they selected (or didn’t select) until next season. However, did you know that you are not stuck with your primary care physician like you are with your Medicare plan? Read More
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The Medicare Enrollment Period Ends December 7th

Time is of the essence. With December 7 just around the corner, the annual Medicare enrollment period is almost over! In case you’re not clear, here is a quick recap of the rules for enrollment. Read More
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What do the ratings for health insurance mean?

Starting soon, it will be easier for you to compare plans as health care reform is implementing a rating system for insurance coverage. Read More
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Will I lose my doctor because of new benefits?

It is very important for seniors to read and understand their benefits during open enrollment because there will be changes and there is a chance that a doctor will not be available this year. Read More
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How does health care reform affect Medicare?

If you are over 65, the health care reform act will have a minimal affect on you as it was designed for people who do not have coverage. Anyone over 65 years old is guaranteed health insurance coverage through the Medicare program. Read More
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Medicare and Health Care Reform Forum

When it comes to health insurance the hot topic of concern today is Medicare and how healthcare reform will affect seniors’ health care benefits. The medical industry along with the media is buzzing and trying to put all the pieces together to help seniors understand Medicare and healthcare reform. Read More
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Medicare Part D

Rounding out the different Parts of Medicare is Part D, for prescription drug coverage. If you missed our short and easy explanations of Parts A, B and C, be sure to check them out. Read More
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Medicare Part C

Those new to Medicare, and seasoned veterans alike, have found that joining a Medicare Advantage plan offers certain perks, like additional benefits without an increase premiums, the opportunity to choose a personal physician to help you to coordinate your care, and proactive disease management and more. Read More
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Step-by-step Medicare Enrollment Guide

Medicare Open Enrollment like the holiday season is just around the corner and if your anything like me you want to get you’re shopping done early this year. Medicare open Enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7; leaving you very little time to do your research to select the right health insurance plan based on your budget and needs. Read More
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Medicare Part B

So, the Medicare Enrollment Period is near. If you’re new to Medicare, pay attention, because this is information you should know. Read More
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Medicare Part A

It’s an important time for patients turning 65 years of age and becoming eligible for Medicare. The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is almost here! That’s why we’ve written a brief explanation of the A-B-Cs of Medicare, or more appropriately, the A, B, C, and D of Medicare. Today’s blog post is the first of a five part series on the topic: Medicare Part A. Read More
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Get the Most Out of Medicare

Medicare has an annual open enrollment period similar to employer- based health insurance plans, so why is it that many seniors simply stick to their current plan leaving money and benefits on the table? Read More
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