Internal Medicine Treating a Wide Array of Conditions

Treating a Wide Array of Medical ProblemsOur internal medicine team acts as a vital component to our complete array of medical care. Internal medicine specialists are skilled specialists equipped to treat a wide array of adult conditions, such as diabetes, renal failure and heart disease. You’ll find Family Physicians Group has a lot of devoted internal medicine physicians on staff ready and able to provide for the needs of Florida’s senior population no matter how unusual the ailment.  

Internal Medicine Doctor Treating a Variety of Conditions

Internal medicine doctors, or internists, are also primary care physicians. However, while a family practitioner’s expertise tends to be broad and general, an internist specializes in treating common medical conditions in adults.

Internists are likely to specialize in 1 of 13 subcategories, such as cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology and geriatric medicine. These physicians also support our wellness services with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.