Osteopathic Doctor Services for Hands-On Healing

Hands-on Healing for your WellnessThe services of an osteopathic doctor tend to take a hands-on approach to your wellness. Their unique approach to medicine rewards patients with a working knowledge of how each of our body’s systems interacts with the others, allowing us to better identify the impact of lifestyle and environment on health. 

Osteopathic doctors also believe strongly in our body’s ability to heal. As a result, they focus on care that encourages your participation through health education, injury prevention and disease prevention. When functioning correctly, osteopathic doctors argue that our bodies possess a strong self-healing mechanism. 

Osteopathy Doctor Emphasis on the Musculoskeletal System 

A doctor of osteopathy, or osteopathic doctor, is a fully licensed physician with a foundation in medicine. Their involvement in the patient-centered medical home is very similar to that of a family medicine doctor. However, what makes them different is their approach to medicine.  

Whereas a traditionally trained medical doctor (MD) typically places emphasis on one particular part of the body – that where the disease or complications develop from – a doctor of osteopathy (DO) takes a more holistic approach. They treat the entire body as a whole with extra attention spent on the musculoskeletal system.

Holistic Medicine Care with Our Osteopathy Services

The holistic medicine field of osteopathy is growing greatly. Licensed to practice in all 50 states and given all the same benefits modern medicine offers such as the ability to prescribe drugs, perform surgery, diagnose diseases and evaluate injuries, osteopathic doctors deliver all the same care as a traditional medical doctor.