Medical Services

Respectful Geriatric Care for the Highest Quality of Life

Coordinated health care for elderly adultsGeriatric care from Family Physicians Group uses coordinated health care services to give elderly adults the highest possible quality of life well into their golden years. If you’re a senior looking for assistance or someone who can no longer care for an elderly relative, we offer complete, compassionate care. Medicare beneficiaries can enhance their health care coverage by receiving all the value-added benefits offered through our patient-centered medical home

Elderly Care Providing Senior Comfort and Dignity

Our health care professionals work with you to plan and coordinate care for the elderly or disabled. We feature an experienced, professional team of geriatric care specialists that account for all the physical and mental challenges of our new patients. Our goal is to provide care that treats patients with dignity and provides a sense of purpose every day.  

Full-Service Senior Medical Care Relieving Your Concerns

Our senior medical care professionals encourage elderly patients to live the healthiest, happiest life through a wide range of elder care services:  

  • Managing medical care with our team approach
  • Helping patients navigate health care system complexities
  • Assessing care plans to adapt to changing patient needs
  • Promoting wellness to boost quality of life
  • Prolonging patient independence with preventative care 

Senior Care Where Patients Are More than a Number

At Family Physicians Group, we offer senior care that treats patients as individuals, never a number. Our caring team takes the time to get to know patients and let them know they are part of a community of care where their needs come first. We strive to prolong the independence of our elderly and disabled patients for the best quality of life and highest sense of daily satisfaction. 

To speak to a senior care specialist in person and see how we offer the best geriatric care available, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll sit down with you and your family to discuss all your concerns and show you the care available.