Medical Services

At-Home Medical Care Relief in Your Time of Discomfort

At-home medical care from Family Physicians Group delivers focused medical relief in the comfort of your own home when an office visit is not feasible, especially after hospital discharge. You won’t find a more dedicated program to support your unique needs than our at-home medical support.   

Complete Medical Home Health Care for Effortless Relief

Our complete array of medical home health care supports you by reducing emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. We help you manage and control chronic and complex conditions with at-home care that is convenient and personalized. 

Complete Home Health Care for Effortless Relief We offer supportive care through a program that lets you develop a valuable relationship with your primary care provider and specialists. After spending time in your home, your team will develop a treatment plan that complements your lifestyle, health status, environment, family dynamics and finances. This unique service results in optimal care for your physical and emotional health.

Our at-home providers are available to provide you the care and support you need when an office visit is not feasible due to transportation challenges or health status. We are dedicated to helping you regain your health where you feel most comfortable – at home.

The personal care from our team at Family Physicians Group strives to create a level of intimacy and understanding that we cannot generally achieve in an office or hospital setting. Whether that means spending 20 minutes or an hour in your home, your comfort and care are our top priority. 

At-Home Senior Care and Disabled Patient Support

Our team of at-home senior care and disabled patient professionals offer you the full array of support that improves your quality of life and speeds recovery by:

  • Treating and managing the chronic disease process
  • Evaluating your home to address the requirements of your condition
  • Fostering trust with you and your family to encourage care involvement 
  • Conducting regular home visits to assess your progress and adjust your care plan
  • Providing a monthly review of your progress

Senior Home Care and Medicare Home Health Care Services

You must qualify to take advantage of our senior home care or Medicare home health care services. To apply, contact us and speak with a Family Physicians Group representative. We’ll also discuss your care requirements and personal concerns to help find the best treatment options available.