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Hospital Care Coordination

Hassle-Free Hospital Care Coordination

If you or a loved one is struggling with a medical condition, the last thing you need is the additional burden of figuring out your next step. At Family Physicians Group, our hospital care coordination services let you focus on your real priority: getting better.

Hospital Care Coordination

Nobody knows your health history better than your general physician, and you can rely on us to help communicate your needs to hospital staff. Plus, you have us on your side to interpret the hospital’s findings and plans for you. With all the confusion, doubt and fear that can accompany a new diagnosis, we guide you to the clear answers that give you the confidence of knowing you’re getting the exact treatment you need. 

Our health care coordination services carefully monitor your care in the event that you must visit a hospital.  Our professional coordination transitions you to your next stage of recovery at the best time, enhancing the effectiveness of your treatment and cutting recovery time.

Hospital Care Coordination Supported by Hospitalist Partners

We reinforce your care with a team of expert hospitalist partners that help you develop a health care plan that relies on personal and consistent attention to your wellbeing. Our medical professionals manage your care through the skilled nursing and rehabilitation phase and into your home recovery stage. They closely work with your nurses, case manager, social worker and family to ensure you experience an effective, comfortable recovery.

To learn more about the hospital care coordination services we offer, contact us. A friendly member of Family Physicians Group will sit down with you and your family to discuss all your concerns and questions. 

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