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About Us

Meet FPG and the Expert Doctors of Our Medical Community

Since 1987, Family Physicians Group has served the Orlando area and Central Florida with comprehensive, preventative and proactive health care services.  Our medical community was founded as a practice that includes you, your family, a primary care physician, hospitalist, case manager and social worker. This extensive support system allows us to create a personalized care plan that focuses on your lifestyle and unique medical needs.

About FPG

Expert Medical Care Serving all of Central Florida

Family Physicians Group delivers the expert medical care you deserved all along. Our leading managed care practice includes a full list of accredited primary care doctors giving you care that takes a complete approach to your wellbeing. We take care of you, not just see you. 

Our unique collaborative environment includes a team of experts consisting of physicians, case managers, health coaches and social workers planning and carrying out the exact treatment you need. Most importantly, our inclusive practice improves your overall wellness with personalized care that puts your wishes first and gives you convenient access to a variety of unique services that save you time, stress and money.

Best Doctors Coordinating Your Care

At Family Physicians Group, our focus on caring about your total wellness makes the difference. Together, we work to identify and deliver the best course of treatment and prevention for you. It’s like getting a second, third and fourth opinion every time you come in for care. Working as a team, with you and your family, your Family Physicians Group primary care provider and specialists guide you through your personalized health care plan and offer their support over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We feature 24 locations across the Orlando area and Central Florida, giving you easy access to the care you need. All facilities feature 24-hour availability over the phone and Saturday hours at select clinics, letting you get the vital care you need no matter how busy your schedule. 

Patient-centered Care from Family Physicians Group 

We emphasize patient-centered care that relies on great communication between you and our team. Countless medical mistakes result from drug interactions, conflicting treatments and other effects of poor communication that inhibit your treatment. Using the latest electronic results and care tracking, Family Physicians Group Orlando offices ensure that you get quality care you can trust in a collaborative environment encouraging strong communication between you, your family and our team of specialists. 

That great communication allows us to carry out preventative medicine by openly discussing your lifestyle and addressing any potential issues before they even arise. To learn more about how our founding vision results in personalized preventative care, reach out to us for a one-on-one appointment. We’ll discuss any questions you have about our doctors, facilities and services to show you why Family Physicians Group Orlando offices serve you with the health care that handles all your health needs. 

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